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My Hometown

Haysville is located in south-central Kansas,only two miles south of Wichita. Nestled between the two cities is Campus High School, which lies about two miles north of Haysville. The Campus complex includes eight separatebuildings set on an eighty-acre lot that will allow for future growth and additions as local development continues. These eight buildings include 67 classrooms, a 1100 seat auditorium, and a gymnasium that seats 2500 with dressing rooms, conditioning facilities, tennis courts, and nearby playing and practice fields. Also available are two conference rooms, a cafeteria, and a large outside student commons area. Two lots on the east and west provide parking for students and staff. Special purpose classrooms include science laboratories, computer laboratories, and rooms for home economics, technology education, Computer classes, business, special education, fine arts, and performing arts. A 2500-seat athletic stadium is located in Haysville for easier community access. Haysville itself is the hippin' most hoppin' place in Kansas.....ok I lied. But it really is a pretty cool town. Home of the Campus Colts, Haysville has a city population of about 8,500 people. Growing up in Haysville is sweet! It's kinda like Cheer' know.. .where everybody knows your name? Especially if you're in the Class of '98 =)~ everyone wants to be a part of that. No explanation is needed for that. But anyways, when we aren't tearing up the rival town of Derby, most of us Haysvillians are partying, that is, when the cops don't interfere. And ohh can we party =)~

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Lately we've been in the news a lot. Yeah I know, kinda hard to believe huh? First, with the explosion of the DeBruce Grain Elevator and most recently with the killer F-4 tornado that wiped out a large portion of our town. Luckily, I can say that I wasn't harmed by the tornado, but can't say the same for a lot of my friends. Things are getting back to normal around here again though and the parties are jumpin' like never before. So, ifyou get a chance, swing on in and check things out. I'm gonna miss this place. But for the youngin's that are attending Campus High School, make us alumni proud.

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