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"The bad thing about experiences is that it teaches you the stuff you dont want to know..."

In loving memory of "Nisha"
(July 8, 1983 - August 11, 2000)

This page is a tribute to the beautiful woman whose passionate spirit touched us all...

On August 11, 2000, the world lost a very special lady, but God gained a beautiful angel. Her presence here had a profound effect on an incredible number of people. She was a beautiful lady inside and out. She had incredible compassion towards others. She was full of life, who dared to show her real self, and shared real feelings with so many of us. It is said that people come into our lives for a reason. It is crystal clear that she came into our lives to bring us joy. What is not clear, is why she was ripped from our midst so quickly. I can only surmise that God needs her for some other purpose. Our lives have been touched by an angel. She is no longer with us, but she has left her mark on us. The memories of our times with her sustain us through the grieving process, and force us to strive to carry on as she would have wished. She was my friend, and I am a better person for having known her. I feel a great void in my life with her gone. However, I know that she will always be looking down on me from heaven, guiding me and giving me strength when I most need it, just as she did when she was here. May God keep you in the palm of his hand, Nish, as you have kept us in your heart. I miss you, and I WILL see you again.

I don't really think I can explain enough as to how special Nisha really was to us that knew her. It didn't matter what you looked like, in fact it didn't really even matter how you acted, as long as you were willing to listen, she would warm your heart and make you feel at home. She always wore a smile on her face, and never even thought twice about it.

Nisha was the type of person that didn't have an enemy in the world. She loved people, and she loved to see them smile. I know from my own personal experience, and I know this is true with everyone else as well, that if you had a problem, no matter what the situation was, she was willing to listen. Even if she didn't have the answers that you needed, you left that day knowing that you had talked to someone who really cared, someone that was willing to listen to any problem that you had.

She loved her friends and family, and she loved to party and hang out with them. Every Thursday night you could always count on finding her at Incahoots. Every Friday and Saturday night you could find her hanging out with the LPC (Lobster Party Crew) cruising down Seneca, and finding parties to go to. That is what she was all about....dancing, smiling, making new friends, and being with the people that were close to her.

I know how everyone says how special and important she really was, but to just say it doesn't really describe it. I remember going into my second year of college. I was moving to the University of Nebraska, but I was moving there not knowing a single person. I had a little one bedroom apartment that I was going to live in, and I fixed myself up with a job working at Kawasaki. Well...I moved there at the beginning of July, school hadn't started yet, so I was there all alone. I remember being there alone thinking about what all was going on back home in Haysville, and realizing everything that I had left behind. I started to get homesick pretty bad, but I knew once school started up things would be just fine. Every afternoon when I woke up, I remember running out to the mailbox to see if I had gotten any mail. It was a pretty big deal, being in a town by yourself, not knowing anyone is pretty tough, so getting mail makes you feel really important. After about my second week of living in Lincoln, I remember walking out to the mailbox, but this time was different...there was actually a letter in there. As I looked to see who it was from, I noticed it was from Nisha. I took it back inside and began to read it. She was wondering how I was doing up there, and wanted me to know that things back home were fine, just to make me feel as though I didn't need to worry. As I read further along, it just brought a smile to my face to know that she cared, and finally, for the first time since I had moved, I felt like I was home again. She was so excited to hear what it was like in Nebraska, and I was excited to hear what all I was missing out on in Haysville. After reading that letter, and seeing how she really cared...that is when I truely understood how important and special she really was.

Nisha's death has been hard on us all. She was so lovable but yet so young. It just doesn't seem fair, she was the perfect angel...but with all of this, I know that she is in a better place. We're all in this together and we've all got to stay together...that is how Nisha would want it. As we sit back and look upon the life of an angel, you can't help but smile as you remember the way that she was, and the moments that you were able to spend with her.

Nisha Bohannan will always be remembered, she'll always be cherished in our hearts forever. She was unlike anyone that I have ever met before, Nisha...thank you for the memories, you will be missed , take care of yourself, and god bless....

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