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Shout Outs

K guess it has reached that time where I need to mention everyone's name and give em the best of props. Just a warning though, the list is long and if it isn't yet that's because I'm still adding, and I've tried to get everyone on there but please don't feel left out if your name isn't on there. But I guess I'll start it off with my best friend since 5th grade...JUAN "Beaner" BROWN, we've been through a lot, and have had a lot of fun, thanx for always being there and if you ever need anything you know where to come...DENNIS "Wal-mart bitch" SISK lol couldn't help myself but I know you got a nickname of your own to throw my way...times are changing quick, but keep at what you're doing, and when you get a girl make sure she has a few friends to swing my way =) you always know where to find me if ya need help...RUDY "Rude Dawg" ARROYO
Haha you're never going to forget this night! But seriously, dunno what I can say, hangin out, partying and just being friends when we needed it has been a blast, you've been a great friend and that's all there is to it, stay how you are and bottoms up till I get back in town...CHAZ "Spot" DOFFING
...guess the best way to describe you is just mentioning the Derby girls lol, Chet whether it's been girls, partying, baseball, or whatever it's always been a blast, good luck with what you do in the next couple years to come and I'll see ya when I get into town...MATT DOUGAN, it's been a lot of years, and what great years they have been, from going to the races and the Campus sporting events, all the way to bowling and hanging out, hopefully we still have a lot of years together, and good luck at what you are doing, keep in touch...BROOKE SIMON
, wow what can I say that hasn't been said before? Brooke even though we had our differences at time, I'm glad that we can still be friends, good luck with your softball and keep in touch...NISHA BOHANNON
, Nisha nisha bo bisha banana fana fo fisha fe fi fo misha, NISHA! definately had a blast hanging out when we did and I'm always here if you need me, hope to see you soon and take care of yourself...KELLY MITCHELL
, I'm glad we've gotten to know each other better over the years, and even though I was shy in high school, doesn't mean I didn't like ya, things are going good up here and hope they are your way as well, hope to see ya soon but until then, party a little extra just for me =)...SUNI LYNN
, things didn't go so great there at the end but the time we were together I can honestly say I really enjoyed, you're a good person Suni and you have a lot of potential, hope ya find what you're looking for and keep in touch...SARAH COOLEY-O
, you've helped me out so much on situations that I've put myself in and I really wanna thank you for that, hope everything works out with you and Shawn, and I'm always around if you need me...SHAWN "Big Daddy" LIGHT, I know in the past we weren't exactly the best of friends, lol actually we were pretty big rivals but I'm glad we both grew up and became really close friends, good luck in Emporia and also with Sarah and keep in touch...SCOTT LIGHT, the same for you as well, we might of had our differences in the past but over the last year we've overcome them well, good luck up at KU and hope to see you out on the lanes...CYNDEE GOLLIN, hey hey what's going on? I dunno how I would have survived the days that I actually went to class without ya, and it's always great to see ya, take care of yourself and don't party too much, (well on second thought, party your (_!_) off thats what it's all about!)...Chris "Opie" Stevens
, Friends since we were 6 years old, I'll never forget growing up together through baseball, school, and just hanging out, I wish you the best of luck, and even Kira I suppose =) just kiddin...Kira "Opie's woman" Daniels
, It's been fun to sit back and joke around with you, glad we got to be friends and take care of Chris, he's going to need it....Christie "Too Tall" Weyens
, Definately the coolest 6'4 basketball player this side of the Mississippi, I had a blast last year at WSU getting to know you, definately a true friend and I really miss ya, good luck this season at WSU and let everyone know that the womens basketball is for real, I'll be rooting you guys on...Sarah "The creator of this web page" Wise, (you can find her pic on her web page), I'll never forget the day your sis came up to me at the bowling alley the one night of cosmic and told me about you, and I'm glad that she did because we really became good friends, even though I'm in Nebraska know that you and your family are missed...Jen "Jay" Wise
,It's been great getting to know you and your family, and just like your sis, I miss you guys, good luck with the new addition to the family and you, your sis, and the rest of your family, keep in touch...Jessica Walker
, Wow, from really great friends, to enemies, and now back on the road to friendship, Jessica, even though we've been through a lot, I'll never forget the days when we were tight, and prom wouldn't have been the same without you, you're really cool and I wish you the best of luck, lemme know how you're doing, and if ya ever need anything, I told you from the start, I'm always there...Leslie Beenken
, Leslie we lost touch there for quite awhile but I'm glad that we are friends once again, I'll never forget the night when we met, or any of the other nights for that matter, you really are good friend and I hope everything in the future turns out the way you would like...The Seneca Bowl Crew
and there's a ton of've made it interesting for me, and I'll definately never forget it, all of you would be willing to do anything for me and I'd really like to thank you for that, you know I'd do the same for you guys as well, good luck with all of your futures and definately keep in touch, also special congrats to Jason Grimm and his new wife Michelle, and to Jeff Ellis and his new wife Shannon...