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Woody Wood Pecker's woodPECKER of the Month!

Haha, hey guys, and welcome to this months Woody Wood Pecker's woodPECKER of the Month. Now some of you aren't quite for sure what exactly this is, but it's pretty simple to explain. The world is full of woodPECKER's out there and Woody decided it would be a good idea to nominate the biggest woodPECKER's for special awards. So me and the Woodster himself have decided to add it to my web page. Now, being that there are a lot of woodPECKER's out there that are just dying to get an award, feel free to drop me a line and cast your vote at next months woodPECKER of the month. I would have you send it to Woody himself, but with all the ladies after his beak lol he just doesn't have the time to sift through them all. So, anyways, without any further adieu let's have a look at this months woodPECKER of the month.... That's right!! It's none other than the President himself!! Congratulations Bill you must have worked hard to get that one. But it wasn't just Woody's vote that got you in, I think it was an entire nation! But either way, YOU'RE IN! How about a round of applause guys? He's done a great job.